September 13, 2011

Change of plans.....

Ok, so I've had a change of plans, which means that my blog has been massively lowered on the priority list. I'm FINALLY going to get going on my Etsy shop! After some discussions with other mother-owned small businesses, I've got my motivation back. Up first I'm working on fine-tuning the design of my Etsy shop. I will announce my shop's name and link here first.....hopefully soon! Then I'm off to work sewing & crafting. Yay!

August 29, 2011

Back in the game

So far I've met my goal of posting once a week...and yes, the post last week where it was just my weight loss; that totally counts as a post. :/

So I'm back in the game! My ankle is feeling better and I ran for the first time in 2 weeks last night. It wasn't too bad, I was only able to do half of my C25K time which means I ran 12.5 minutes, but I ran faster in those 12.5 minutes then I have yet so far. My goal is to complete the C25K program (duh) and then start over and do it again, sticking to each week until I can get my speed down to my goal, which right now is under 12 minutes per mile.

In other news, my crazy toddler has officially had his second trip to the ER. This time for a fall. I'm not kidding you, he literally fell in the grass at ground level, no big deal, right? Well he was unconscious. And let me tell you, that was the scariest thing ever! Of course by the time we got to the ER he was fine and talking about the helicopter outside, etc, so the doctor and nurses truly thought I was one of those crazy parents that overreacts about everything. "He the grass?" YES! "Just the grass, no pavement?" NO! "And he looks totally fine right now, no blood or tears?" NO! Hmmmm. This is not what they said, but obviously what they were thinking. Anyway, thankfully it seems like he just had the wind knocked out of him or he passed out from holding his breath during a long cry. Either way, he is OK and that is all that matters. And he owes me his first 3 years of allowance for an ER visit, make that TWO ER visits.