February 15, 2011

We're Baaaaaaack!

Holy cow what a month it has been!  A little case of bronchitis turned into a weekend in the hospital!  Good news is that everyone is seemingly back to normal.  Bad news is ...... well I guess there really isn't any bad news.  I don't even remember February starting and here it is half way over.  We do have a big birthday coming up in our house though....M is turning 7 on the 26th!  It seems impossible, I don't feel like 7 years have passed since the day I gave birth to a ginormous baby girl.  But it has, and if her attitude is any indication of how the next several years will be then we are in for a fun ride!  Don't get me wrong, she is an amazing child; too smart for her own good, a fantastic big sister, and very loving....BUT she tells me day in and day out that she wants to be a teenager.  And that means she acts like one half of the time. 

K is doing well.  His hearing and speech evaluations both went fine.  He's not really showing any major signs of being behind developmentally, but we do  need to work on his vocabulary and we were given some great advice.  Jason and I both agree that God made him as freaking cute as he is for a reason.  Jason calls it his defense mechanism.  He can act like the biggest turd one minute, but the next minute he is doing something so cute that you forget about the bruise you have from having a toy car launched at your head.  Exhibit A: