April 28, 2011

Garden Update

It's so exciting to finally see the garden coming together...with stuff growing in it!  I have everything planted that can tolerate a light frost, and I'll be planting the rest within the next few weeks.  I have updated pictures below.  I didn't realize that you couldn't see much with the covers on, but those covers have been a life saver.  The first week that I planted, the pesky animals (squirrels, rabbits, and birds) ate 75% off my seeds/seedlings :(  So the covers, while unattractive, were necessary.  Anyway, this is what it looks like today:

 This is the first box on my deck.  The back row is/will be:  Rosemary, Cilantro, Basil, & Dill in the back row.  All of the front row will be lettuce

This is my other deck box.  It is/will be Oregano, Parsley (cut out of picture by accident), Radish, Thyme, Lettuce, Chives, and two squares of spinach.

 This box is/will be cauliflower, cabbage, red onions, white onions, peas, and green beans.  The box to the right is empty but will be all sweet peppers.

This is ALL strawberries!! YUM!!  The box to the right is completely empty but will be all tomatoes.

This is my larger box for things that need deeper root space.  This will have a pumpkin and butternut squash plant up against the fence, I'll use the fence as a trellis to grow these two things vertically.  The next row forward will be carrots and celery.  The next row will be all potatoes.  The row closest  is broccoli and green onions. 

All of these lovely green plants are raspberries!  It started about 2 years ago as 3 raspberry bushes and has easily grown to about 50 of the little guys.  These grow well here, I usually pick a 1/2 pint a day!

As you can see, the garden is still covered in black weed fabric.  We should be getting our mulch soon.  I'll take a picture of the garden at that point so you can see the boxes all together.  Other than what you see here, I have 4-5 rhubarb bushes in the yard, they are small and I won't get much fruit from them this year, and a blueberry plant that could very well be dead.  :/

And in case that isn't enough pictures for you, I have these pictures of my plants still inside! :)

 The small ones are lettuce.  The red cups are tomatoes, and the others are a mix of basil, sweet peppers, and cucumbers, along with the various herbs.
The little cups are more lettuce and lots of chives.  The bigger plants are mostly celery with a few sweet peppers mixed in.