September 14, 2009

A few new tricks

So in the past week or so Mr. McScreamy has pulled a few new tricks from his sleeve. Nothing spectacular like walking or even crawling, but still exciting for a 9 month old. He now dances and sings. He only sings in the car though, and it seems as though Modest Mouse is his favorite so far. And his dancing is really more like head-banging (video below.) Also, just today, he has learned how to smack his lips. So it always sounds like he just finished up a nice, juicy steak. It's actually quite cute. He also knows what the word "kitty" means. He can't say it but when we say it he looks for the cat. He could care less about mama and dada (which he can actually say but doesn't know the meaning of) but he always has tabs on the cat.

"Sissy" got her first haircut this week (at age 5!) It doesn't look like much but there were quite a few inches on the ground. It makes her look a year older, at least. Doesn't she look enthused??

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