September 12, 2009

Finding healthy snacks for babies is hard!

Seriously, what are these kids supposed to snack on?? K is just now at the point where he really wants to feed himself, but only has two teeth so he doesn't have many options. He really likes Gerber puffs and stuff like that but if you read the ingredients, sugar is one of the top ingredients. Crazy. I did some searching online and found a snack that I can't wait to try. It's called Snikiddy and the products are all natural. If you go here and fill out the form, putting "babybix sample" in the comment form you will be emailed a coupon for a free package. Not a sample, a full-size package! I got my coupon but have not used it yet. I can't wait to try it. Check out the ingredients here ( click to enlarge it)

Even better, go to BabyBix and sign up to win an assortment of snacks from Snikiddy!!

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