September 21, 2009

What's growing in my garden?

A few days ago I discovered that there was something growing in my garden, other then the raspberries I planted. I have a little butterfly ready to enter the world! I did a little research online and discovered that the little cocoon is home to a monarch butterfly. I check on every day and today I was surprised to see that I can now see the beautiful black & orange wings through the chrysalis. I don't know if the proper term is cocoon or chrysalis so I used them both, I figure the worst I can be is 50% wrong! Anyway, here is my little butterfly's progress so far:

This is the little guy on 9.12.09

And here he is again today, 9.21.09. It is a crappy picture because it focused on the raspberry instead of the cocoon/chrysalis :) But you can see the orange and black wings. Pretty cool, huh?

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