October 7, 2009

Surveys and Christmas shoppping

In the last few weeks I've started spending a few minutes each day trying to earn basically free money. Well, I guess I am using my time so it's not free, but it's all been easy. I talked about Swagbucks in an earlier post. Seriously, all you have to do is search the web like you already do anyway. I've added online surveys to my daily ritual. I never used to be a believer in the online surveys though. I once joined a site, racked up a ton of points, then when it came time to cash in my points...my item never, ever arrived. That was years ago. But I learned about Opinion Outpost from a friend who has received her rewards, so I know it's legit. I joined less then a week ago and have only completed 3 surveys, and today just earned enough to either get a $5 check or a $5 Amazon.com gift card! Seriously. They email you when a survey opens up so you don't have to keep checking the site. I highly encourage everyone to at least check it out. Especially if you are like me and have a baby who takes naps during the day. I can only spend so much of my day cleaning!!!! Between Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks, I've almost earned $10 in one week....with very little effort.

Now, what to do with my "free" money! I've started my Christmas shopping and I feel pretty good about what I have done so far. I like to shop early, I really think the stores have the better deals now plus you can find a lot of stuff on clearance this time of year. They are trying to clear the shelves to make room for all of the Christmas-type items. Everything I've gotten so far has been a really good deal. And as a bonus, I don't have to fight crowds of crazy ladies that will whip you with their purses if you get in their way. When I was pregnant with K (and I had him in December so you can imagine how big I was during the holiday shopping season) a lady almost ran me over in the Target parking lot. Apparently I wasn't walking fast enough, and the fact that I was 8 months pregnant and had my 4 year-old with me wasn't enough to slow her down.

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