August 14, 2011


I always jinx myself! You know, when you say "my baby is sleeping through the night!" or "hey my kid is finally potty trained!"....and then the next night you are up every hour with your infant or your toddler is peeing on the carpet. That's the story of my life, except this time it doesn't involve my kids (amazing, right?)

I purposefully did not post about my C25K running adventures until I was far enough in that I knew I wouldn't quit. When I reach that point where most people drop out, and made it past that, I felt comfortable posting about it. And then the VERY next day, I got injured. A very, very small injury, but still I took 2-3 days off. Tonight I went back out to see how I felt and I felt great!! I didn't run one of my C25K programs, just a run. I ran 12.5 minutes straight. Not my best but not too bad. Anyway, as I was walking home I stepped in a hole, heard a pop, and was standing with my foot completely twisted. FUN! So now I sit here with an Ace bandage holding my ankle steady and I'm in immense pain. Guess I'm taking a few more days off. Sigh.

On a positive note, I had a victory in my weight loss journey this weekend. It's what's known as a "non-scale victory" or NSV. It's basically something that does not have to do with a number on the scale. M and I went shopping and after trying on clothes at 3 different stores, I realized I am officially down another pant size! That's two sizes so far. I was starting to get discouraged because my weight was not changing as quickly as I'd like, but this NSV helped me realize that even though the scale isn't changing, my body is. Yay!

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