August 21, 2009

RiffTrax was teRIFFic!

Was that cheesy or what? But it was really flipping hilarious. At one point (after sucking down my entire Diet Coke) I almost peed my pants laughing. The movie that they riffed was absolutely terrible, which made it even better, and the short they did was hilarious! If you have never seen them, they will often take these terrible, old, black/white movie shorts and riff on them. They are usually old educational movies that are just a few minutes long. Some of the best ones are the old ones that "educate" you on what to do on a date (the highlight of the date is helping the planning committee decorate for a party!) or how to be "proper" children at dinner time. Hilarious. It's hard to believe that this is how things really used to be! I will try to dig up a clip (because I love clips!) of an old short. Oh yes, here is one of the best!

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