August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

Today is Jason's birthday, woohoo! He spent his day working 8 hours and is spending his evening working on his car brakes. Fun! He did take the next two days off of work so we can't complain. Today M and I made a cake for him. She seriously was on a sugar high for the entire evening. I have never seen her like that before, and it was not fun! Needless to say, she went to bed early tonight!

Tomorrow we are going to spend the evening at the movie theater. Thanks to our wonderful neighbor who is watching the kids for us!!! We are going to see RiffTrax. If you remember the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, Rifftrax is kind of the the same thing with a couple of the same guys. They are doing a liveshow tomorrow night, for one night only, it should be a great time!

And if you haven't seen Mystery Science, here is a clip (because I love video clips.)

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  1. Happy birthday to your hubbs! Hope you have a blast tomorrow!!