September 20, 2009

My new favorite diaper

I just recently sold 12 of my cloth diapers on Craigslist simply because I had too many. Sadly I still have about 20 diapers left after selling some, I think I may have been addicted to buying them. A little while back I won a gDiaper starter kit fromChelsea Said So. I have been in love with them ever since. They are great because they can be used a couple different ways. They are basically a soft cotton diaper cover, with a snap-in plastic liner. You can use regular old cloth inserts inside of the liner. You can also use the gDiaper flushable inserts. These are great for those that think they can't do cloth diapering because it's too "messy." You simply take the liner out and flush it away. You can compost the liner too (wet only of course) or you can throw it away and it breaks down very quickly. No mattter which insert you choose, these diapers are great because you can reuse the same diaper all day long (for the most part.) I've since bought 2 more diapers used so I have four. I am pretty confident that I can get by with just these four diapers, that's how great I think they are. Too bad I didn't realize this in the beginning...I could have bought 4 diapers instead of 30+! Check out the videos:

I don't understand why everyone doesn't use these (or really cloth diapers in general!) Ok, I do understand why some people don't but I am just amazed at how much money we have saved (even though I bought way too many diapers.) My next plan is to make some cloth inserts. I can make the inserts for roughly 50 cents a piece!

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