October 28, 2009

Isn't this beautiful!

Let's see, currently we have a leaky roof and a beaten up car (Jason was in an accident last week but is OK) which, as you can imagine, are not cheap to fix.  So as you can also imagine, getting deals on my Christmas shopping are not only great, but necessary.  So far, this is pretty much the best deal ever!  I just ordered 3 toys for K for Christmas from Amazon.com.  And thanks to my account with Opinion Outpost, this is what I paid for them....

How beautiful is that???  I love Amazon, you just have to be careful to watch where you are actually buying your items from.  If you buy directly from Amazon.com you generally get free shipping on orders over $25.  So on top of getting the items free, I saved over $15 on shipping cost.   I actually still have a couple bucks left in my Opinion Outpost account too.

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