October 28, 2009

A week of achievements!

For the kids that is.  I haven't achieved anything this week....nothing...diddly squat.  But my kids have been busy!  K is now crawling, very slowly but it still counts!  He also claps his hands now.  He did it before but mostly by accident, now he does it when I do it.  He is a little copy-cat, he even fake coughs when I cough.

M has been busy too!  She is definitely learning a lot, she just read 25 pages from the Dr. Suess book Hop on Pop!  All by herself!  Ok, I helped her sound a couple of the words out, but she pretty much did it all on her own.  She is really enjoying kindergarten.  We couldn't ask for a better shcool or teacher.  I also really love the fact that her class is very diverse.  She has children of several different races, which I think is great.  I grew up in a school that was 100% white, no joke.  She also has students of varying special needs in her class.  I remember growing up, the special needs kids were in some of my classes and everyone enjoyed it.  I think it defenitely helps the children understand that not all kids are the same but they all can play together and enjoy each other's company.

Sorry, that's all I got today!  I have to take time to brag about my kids once in awhile.

Everybody say "awwwwwww"

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