October 10, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like....Halloween?

I for one LOVE the snow, but snow this early in October is crazy! I guess when you live in Iowa you learn to expect anything when it comes to weather. One year for Christmas we sat outside to open presents, many Easter egg hunts have been snow-covered.....

The kids, of course, love this early snow. M has been outside since she woke up. Daddy helped her make this very.....special.....snowman:

<----and yes, that's St. Patrick's Day hat that he's wearing. We call him St. Hall0w-Man...or Patween...or HallowRick. I guess there are lots of combinations of St. Patrick's day, Halloween, and Snowman, so I'll stop.

K got in on the snow action too. M came in the house and stomped her snow on the rug. This was apparently extremely funny to him. He ate the snow. He played in the snow. And he laughed at the snow. He's a strange little boy.

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