November 18, 2009

Yippee for a great birthday!

Once you pass the age of, oh, 21 birthday's lose a little bit of excitement.  For me any way.  But I had a good one this year!  Thanks to my mom, Jason and I got to enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant without a dollar menu, and thanks to my wonderful neighbor and friend our dinner was kid-free!  She watched them one other night so we could go to a movie, which was fantastic, but this was the first time we have gone out to dinner without the kids since.....since K has been born!  And he is nearly a year old.  How sad is that?
I got my fun new iPhone last week as a birthday gift.  It was pretty cheap since we are already with AT&T and it was fully paid for by the money we made on eBay selling Jason's broken phone.  Can you believe a broken phone (the glass screen was shattered) sells for over $100???? Crazy.  And it's the old iPhone, not the new 3G ones.  Sometimes I think people will buy anything if it's on eBay.

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