December 6, 2009

I love this game!

I'm going to spill the beans about a present that we are getting M for Christmas.  I figure that even if she was clever enough to somehow log on and find my blog, she couldn't read it anyway. :)  I was a little concerned about getting her a video game for Christmas, because really it isn't all that exciting for a 5 year-old to open and let's face it, she has a short attention span! Video games are not cheap.  The game we wanted/got is EyePet.  I cannot put into words how freaking adorable this game is!  It doesn't come out in the US until April so we ordered it on eBay from the UK.  Surprisingly, after converting it to US dollars, it was only 3 dollars more then it will be when it comes out here.

The main idea of the game is that you get a new pet to play with.  You watch it as it is born and you take care of it, completely.  You are responsible for feeding it, cuddling it, cleaning it, etc.  It probably sounds like a typical virtual pet, but this thing is so cool.  It uses the EyeToy, which is pretty much a web-cam that hooks up to the PS3 and puts you in the game.  So you see your living room on the TV and when your pet is on the screen, it looks like he's in your living room.  When you put your hand out and "pet" the animal, the camera notices your movement.

Another thing that's really cool is that you can draw a picture of whatever you want, within reason, and hold it up to the camera.  Then your pet will draw it, and it will come to life on the screen.  Oh yeah, and you can teach it to sing!  Jason's pet can hum to "Smoke On The Water." :)  It really is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Plus, if you already own the EyeToy like we do, the game is only $39.99 when it comes out, which is cheap for the PS3.  If you don't have a camera, it's the typical $59.99.

The game has a lot of downloadable content and it seems like most of it so far is free.  Just this past week we downloaded the Christmas pack, so we can dress our little guy up as Santa, a reindeer, or a snowman (complete with a cute little carrot nose!)  You can completely customize your pet, he can have nearly any fur color you want, you can make him polka dotted, you can make him short-haired or long-haired, and he has tons of styling clothes to pick from! :)

Here is the cute little guy:
Try looking at him without going "awwwwww!"  And here is a video of him in action!

Pretty cool, huh?? It comes with a "magic" card, so when that card is on the ground, it transform into whatever you choose. So when you see the jar of food or the trampoline, you would be holding the magic card.  I'm so excited for M to see this!  I know she will love it, and I can almost guarantee that she will have a cute little green pet, with hot pink clothes! :)

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