January 24, 2010

Weekend in review....

...even though it isn't completely over yet.
For the past few days we've been doing a bit of "sleep training" with K.  I use quotation marks because I'm not really sure that is a good definition for what we are doing.  We have been extremely blessed with two wonderful sleepers.  M was great from the beginning, sleeping through the night at 8 weeks.  In fact, the very first night she slept through the night was the night before I returned back to work full-time.  What a good girl!  K was a little more questionable in the beginning.  He did fine during the day with naps but at night would only sleep if we were holding him.  We spent several weeks taking turns sleeping in the chair, while the other one slept on the couch.  It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't all that comfortable either.  At one point, it had been several weeks since the last time I slept laying down.  We finally figured out that he was a tummy-sleeper...and against several objections from other people, we let him sleep on his tummy.  He's been sleeping like a pro since.  We lay hm down wide-awake and he falls asleep on his own and sleeps all night long.
That was until recently when he decided that waking up at 4:30 am would be fun.  Because he shares a room with M I always went in and got him right away.  But I am no longer a morning person (coming from someone who used to start work at 5:30 a.m. every morning) so we had to come up with a new plan.  We moved M into our room, temporarily, and are letting him stay in his bed when he wakes at 4:30, and he always goes back to sleep.  So now we are just waiting for him to break that bad habit, then M will go back to her room.

Friday night we stayed up to watch the final show with Conan O'Brien.  I've never really been into late night shows that much but I really like Conan and Letterman themselves.  Jay Leno has always been "OK" but he completely lost any respect I had for him with the comment he made about David Letterman, when all three hosts were bantering back and forth in good fun.

Yesterday we didn't do too much, we rented some movies, did a little shopping, and that's about it!  I got the fabric to start working on M's quilt.  Yay, one more project for me to start and not finish!

Today Jason and I are going to a movie.  Seems like ages since we've been to a movie in the theater.  We were debating between Extraordinary Measures and Sherlock Holmes.  Both look really good but the first is a real tear-jerker and personally I would rather watch that type of movie at home.  So Sherlock Holmes it is!  After the movie we are going to watch some football! Since our team didn't make it to the final playoff game....go Vikings!!

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