February 1, 2010

Early Spring Cleaning

I don't know why, but I've been really motivated so far to get this house in shape!  I'm sure it's partially because Mom and I have been talking about our next garage sale and partially because we are inheriting a new bedroom set so have to clean out a whole room to create a guest bedroom.  I'm totally organized and made a list of what needs cleaned in each room.  I'm not talking cleaning like Windex and Pledge, I'm talking about taking all of my "secret hiding spots" and cleaning them out. The drawer where I always shove receipts, the kitchen cupboard where I have a gazillion spices, etc.  This weekend I cleaned out all but one of the kitchen cupboards (the one I'm dreading is for last) and created a whole new tote for the garage sale and also filled up the whole trash bin. It's amazing how many lids I have accumulated that don't have matching bowls?!  It's also fun when I find things that I've been looking for, for years.  I wish I had tons of money (don't we all?) because I would love to buy all of those fancy shelf organizers.  Especially something to organize spices....how did I end up with 3 containers of paprika anyway?

I'm officially selling all of my baby stuff.  So that answers the question that we get regulary "so, are you going to have more?"   I sold a few things on Craigslist, but will sell the rest at our garage sale.  I really think we will have so much stuff, between Mom and I, that we will have to borrow the neighbor's driveway and yard!


  1. I found a little 3-tiered shelf for spices at Kmart a while back & it's been so handy. I wish I had bought two!


    Good luck w/your cleaning!!!

  2. I may have to get one of those, thanks! Kitchen is done, on to the next disaster!