February 17, 2010

Boys will be boys!

Yesterday was our first experience with that saying.  K is really into climbing now, and he can truly get anywhere that he wants to get.  Right away in the morning he fell off the footstool and landed face-first on our giant roller coaster.  It was about 2 feet off the ground but he cried like he had just fallen down 3 stories.  After that, he climbed up on his train table, his favorite place, and in an attempt to walk on it, fell face first into a toy kitchen.  Probably wouldn't have been too bad, but he fell at just the right angle to get his head stuck in the toy oven.  He was flailing around trying to get out and I was frantically trying to find a way to get him out without taking off an ear.  We weren't working very well together...but I finally got him out.  But not without a few marks, both falls were on the same side of his head, so he has lovely battle wounds.  Then at dinner time, he took a huge bite into his dinner and instead chomped on his finger.  Poor, clumsy kid......he gets that from me.

Today, first thing this morning he did the exact same stunt as yesterday morning...face first into the roller coaster.  So, my guess is that in about 4 hours he will have his head stuck in something again.

He is really developing quite the little personality!  Although he isn't talking as much as he should, he knows how to get his point across.  If he is doing something he shouldn't be and I tell him "no" he will do one of two things.....blow raspberries at me.....or do it again, in slow motion, to make sure I see him.  Or if he's going somewhere he shouldn't and I tell him "no" he speeds up. Here is a video of his little mood swings, watch how quickly he can go from ticked-off to happy.  I think he really put that carrot in it's place!

And here's a picture, because I love this one!  If you look closely, you can see the two bottom molars that have been ticking him off lately.

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