February 24, 2010

My baby is turning 6!

It is truly hard to believe that it has been 6 years (on Friday) since she was born!  Where has all of that time gone???  Although if you were ever around her, you'd think she was older then 6.  She has this thing lately where she wants to be a teenager.  Fantastic.  She spent the rest of her Christmas money on new shoes, and she does not take them off.  Ever.  She walks around talking about them all of the time and how they make her look like a teenager.  She had a pretend conversation when she first got them, where I can only guess she was a teenager talking to another teenager.  The imaginary teenager asked "Who's on the inside of your shoe?"  And she replied, in her a sassy little voice "Oh, it's JUST Hannah Montana."  She is a riot. Oh yeah, and she is so excited for spring break so she can "go outside and play."  She just assumes that because it will be spring in 25 days, that the 20 feet of snow that we have in the yard will just magically disappear.  Like we will wake up in March to the birds chirping and the flowers blooming, instead of the huge wall of snow that keeps us from seeing the neighbors house.  I have a feeling this is how we will be spending spring break at our house:

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  1. oh my god is that really the snow in your yard?

    Happy 6th birthday to your baby!!!

  2. No, we only have a few feet on the ground...but it feels like that much some days!