March 3, 2010

Back to normal

We had a fantastic time this weekend at M's bowling party! She had a lot of fun and looked adorable in her Cutie Pa Tutu!



She came down with some sort of illness Sunday night.  Not really sure what to call it, sore throat, low-grade fever, and a stuff nose.  Nothing serious, just annoying.  And she missed school for the first time, she was devastated.  Especially since Monday was a popcorn/M&M party that they had earned by being the best-behaved class in her entire school.  We had our own popcorn/M&M party last night to make it up to her.

On a completely other note, I had to buy a new laptop, since mine seems to have issues connecting to the internet lately.  But I can't really complain, my Dell laptop has lasted me 6 years without any issues.  I am getting another Dell, because they are inexpensive and I don't need anything fancy.  I am excited to learn Windows 7 though!  Plus, I get 1,000 swagbucks for going through their link.  Woohoo!  So far I've earned 2,350 Swagbucks, just for searching and entering codes.  I'm hanging on to them all for Christmas next year.  Between Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, and Ipsos-Isay I have $80 towards Christmas next year.  At this rate I should have another $400 by Christmas time.

Another think that we have started at our house is putting more money aside for savings.  I went to and set up a few checking accounts.  You can set up as many as you want, for free, and have money pulled automatically from your checking account.  They also have a pretty good interest rate, it was 1.15% when I signed up.  We now have a general savings account, a savings account for each of the four of us, and two separate savings for our charities and holiday shopping.  I've always said that when we have money automatically taken out of our checking account, we hardly notice it, especially since it was already in our budget anyway.  If you're interested in starting an account there, let me know and you can get money for signing up and I can get money for referring you.

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