February 18, 2010

My Etsy store

I just wanted to put a post on here so everyone knows that I haven't forgotten about my Etsy store!  I have tons of fabric purchased and set aside, I just haven't had the time to actually make the items I want to sell.  K is now at the age where he is into everything so I no longer have the option to do any work while he's awake!  My original goal was January but as you can see I missed the deadline.  My new goal is to have the store up and running by summer.  I don't want to post the link and open my doors until I have a decent inventory for people to choose from.  My plans are to include stroller blankets, quilts, burp rags, and possibly Boppy pillow covers and toys.  But I also want to do non-baby items so I will add more as I have new ideas.  I have my wonderful Cricut machine so I would like to also add some paper crafts.  I'm all full of ideas!! Just lacking in the motivation department :)

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