August 31, 2010

I'm one of "those" people... know, the "green, organic, natural, hippy" type.  This may not seem like news to most people, considering my previous ventures: homemade laundry detergent, cloth diapers, composting, etc.  I do have to say though that  I lasted at those things MUCH longer then I ever expected.  I'm taking some time off of the homemade detergent and dishwasher soap.  I need to tweak my formulas a bit, and in the meantime I'm enjoying the convenience of the store bought stuff. K has outgrown his cloth diapers, but I'm shelling out the cash to buy chlorine-free diapers (thanks to Amazon, they are about the same price as others.)  My garden has been doing great, I pick about 1 cup of raspberries every single morning and K devours them instantly.  Not sure what the poor boy is going to do when they stop producing.  I also have 4 huge butternut squash that I can't wait to cook up.  My tomatoes are pretty much done but I did get a good 20 tomatoes off of my three little plants.  And a few little sweet peppers grew, but I apparently don't know how to grow them because this is the second year of failing at it.

Our newest venture in this area involves food.  I am fed up with the crap that we have been eating.  I spent the day cleaning out our cupboards, fridge, and freezer.  Now, we can't switch 100% to organic foods, I seriously think that only a millionaire could do that with the way that stuff is priced.  A gallon of regular milk is $3, a gallon of organic milk? $6.  And when you have kids that drink a ton of milk, it does add up.  But thanks to a friend I have joined a food co-op that sells organic and natural foods in bulk for lower prices. I have a huge order coming in this week to restock the cupboards.

I feel like I've made some serious progress though, I have gotten Jason hooked on quinoa and Greek yogurt!  Anyone who knows Jason knows that this wasn't easy!  I say the word "organic" or "natural" and he cringes.  And next week I am joining the local gym.  I remember the days when I woke up at 4:30 every single morning and dragged my fat butt to the gym, and was still at work by 6 am.  It sucked every single morning but by 6am I felt amazing.  You'd think it would be easier now that I'm not working, but for some reason it seems harder to find the time.  I found a gym that has a child care center where I can ditch K for an hour for a whopping $3.  With the monthly gym fees, it will be pricey, but I don't care.  I deserve some time to myself to feel better!


  1. Yay! Good for you! The prices definitely make it scary, but worth it. :) Time magazine just published a great article on organic foods and what we should and shouldn't worry about purchasing organic. It helped me a lot!

  2. i'm obsessed with greek yogurt. Chobani is my favorite after trying nearly all of them. :) You should check out my friend Diana's blog...just google Spain in Iowa. You will love all of her fresh/local stuff. She's a huge foodie, a mom to 2 boys and bonus...I know her in real life (gasp) and she lives not far from your area :)