September 6, 2010

Extra Life

My wonderful husband is at it again, doing the Extra Life charity event.  You may remember me posting about this last year (because I'm sure I posted it several times :)  Last year all donations went to the Texas Children's Hospital.  This year we are so thrilled to announce that we get to CHOOSE the hospital that we want the donations to go to, as long as it is within the Children's Miracle Network.  We have chosen for the donations to stay here in Iowa, at the University Of Iowa Children's Hospital.
On October 16th, starting at 8:00am, Jason and his teammates will start playing video games and will continue to play them until the next morning at 8:00 am.  The gaming is the easy part for him though, he needs your help to reach his personal goal of $200.  Please donate if you are able to, and remember that ALL of your donation goes directly to the children that are being cared for at The University of Iowa Children's Hospital.

If you are the first person to donate, we will match your donation, and put it in your name (up to $50)

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