August 8, 2009

Did I mention that I hate shopping?

And what is worse is returning an item. Please bear with me through my little rant. Jason and I went to Gamers the other day because M wanted a new game for her DS. Jason goes there frequently (imagine that!) so we know about their crappy "no cash refund" policy. Anyway, M picked up a used game for $24.95 and Jason picked up a hint guide for $4.95. So we pay and go on our merry little way. Today when I balance the check-book I realized that the total charge was $36.99. I like to think I'm pretty good at math and knew that did not add up. So we look at the receipt....we were charged $9.95 for the hint guide. $5 doesn't seem like a lot but it was the fact that he wouldn't have bought it if it were $9.95. So today he calls the store. This is were our confidence in today's customer service goes downhill. The manager argues with him, insisting that the guide is $9.95 in their system (duh, we know this because that's how it rang up) and that we were wrong. Jason read to him the exact label on the guide and the guy still argued that we must have picked up the Killzone 1 hint guide, not the Killzone 2 hint guide. Here are the problems with that logic:

1) he looked up our receipt and saw that we clearly bought Killzone 2
2) we know how to read

So basically he said the label was wrong, so we were pretty much S.O.L..but if we came in and proved to him the label on the book was indeed correct, he would give us store credit for $5. Does anyone else see a problem with this??? Again, they have a "no cash refund" policy. When we pointed out the very minor fact that this was NOT a refund, but a price adjustment, he continued to fight it. Long story short (too late?) their corporate got a nice little email this morning. I am sure we will never see our $5, but at least we feel better yelling at someone!

We really are nice people, I swear ;) And yes, you don't have to tell us that we should have looked at the total BEFORE we left the store, but that's not the point. You are on our side here!

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