August 10, 2009

For the green baby

We made the switch to cloth diapers when K was about 3 months old. I love them and am so glad we made the switch. We've spent $14 on diapers since he was born (he's almost 8 months old now.) In the first three months, all of the diapers we used were given to us. After that, I bought cloth and probably spent around $150 to $200 on them total, and he will continue to use them until he's potty trained (or until his thighs get bigger!) Anyway, I wanted to share two of my favorite recipes, one for home-made diaper cream and one for baby wipe solution (for use with cloth wipes.)

Vegan baby diaper cream

1 oz shea butter
1/2 oz sweet almond oil
1/2 oz rice bran oil

Melt shea butter and add other oils. After it's cooled down a bit, whisk until it is well blended. Pour into desired container. I added lavender oil for fragrance. You could also add tea tree oil, as it has anti-bacterial properties.

This cream is wonderful! I used it once on a diaper rash and it was cleared overnight. I use it occasionally just for prevention as well. This little batch will last a very long time. If you make this, you will notice that it is runny....wait overnight and it will be more like the consistency of lotion.


Diaper wipe solution

1 C water
1 TBSP Dr. Bronner's liquid castile (baby)
1 TBSP apricot or almond oil
2 drops tea tree essential oil
5 drops lavender essential oil

Mix these together and pour over cloth wipes, in a plastic baby wipes tub. I use mine in a wipe warmer. If you want to have some handy, double the recipe and store the rest in an air-tight container.

I've experimented with different ingredients on this one and really like the Dr. Bronner's almond scented castile soap along with the almond oil. When I do that, I don't use any of the essential oils. I've also used lemon and orange essential oils, sometimes I get tired of all baby stuff being lavender scented!

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  1. Ooh, I love them! I'll have to try these out! Thanks!