August 11, 2009

Leaving the house as a parent

Ok, so it's obvious that it's harder to leave the house when you're a parent, especially with a baby. I have to strap two kids into their car seats, pack up the stroller, blah, blah, blah....then I get to do it all over again when I get to the store, and then again when I get out of the store, and once more when I get home....but you get the idea. Today I realized another problem with being a parent and wanting to get out of the house. Remember when you were younger and you realize that you've run out of something (beer, milk, whatever) so you run to the store, only to find that it's already closed??? Well, I find that I have that same problem now as a parent....except when I run out of something (milk, vodka, prozac, whatever) I get to the store only to find out that it's not open yet! Target really needs to start opening up at 6:00 am. Or my kid needs to learn how to sleep until 8:00 am. Either way.

On another note, Jason got his $5 back from Gamers! Woohoo! He wrote corporate, they wrote him back and told him to go back to the store and it would be taken care of. Apparently they forgot to teach the kid at the store how to do a refund (or even swipe a credit card) but it's all over with and we now can retire with our $5.

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