August 18, 2009

My new little addiction

Having a baby that takes a lot of naps means that mommy has some time on her hands 3 times a day! We don't have cable or satellite TV, and I really don't like soap operas, so I've been digging through our hundreds of DVDS (and I literally mean hundreds) to find something to watch. I ran across our Arrested Development seasons. Jason and I watched a little of the first season when we first bought them but kind of forgot about them. Anyway, I've watched all of them now and am going to just say it, this is one of THE best TV shows of all times. I suppose you have to have the right sense of humor to enjoy it, some of the humor is very subtle and (Jason's word) dry. I can't believe that this show was cancelled and that more people don't know about it. If you have the chance, pick it up, rent it (Netflix has it), borrow it....whatever you must do to watch it! I order you. You can even go to and watch the episodes, I think it's free. And I'm sure has snippets of the shows there. (Do make sure you're watching the TV show and not a music video from the band Arrested Development! Remember them??? Mr. Wendal??)

And to those of you that are already fans...I've read online that they are making a movie of the show!

And just because I love all of you, here is the pilot episode. Judge for yourself. (Courtesy of

Warning!!! Probably not appropriate for the little ones! It isn't terrible, but there are still words and situations that are not for kids. Don't say that I didn't' warn you!

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