August 14, 2009

My unofficial cloth diaper review - Sweet Doll Baby

So, for those reading this that may be interested in cloth diapers, I thought I'd share my review of the Sweet Doll Baby diapers. These are available on eBay and are super cheap (which is what drew me to them.) They have changed the colors a bit since I bought mine a few months ago. I bought all of my Sweet Doll Baby diapers with Velcro closure, not snaps, so my review is on the Velcro diapers.

Price: These are around $8 a piece on eBay. VERY cheap for cloth diapers. Of course you get what you pay for so don't expect these to be the same quality as Bum Genius diapers!

Appearance: They are adorable. Great colors.

Fit: The diapers fit great. My "little" guy is 22 pounds at 8 months and still uses these on the medium snap setting. The problem with the fit is that the part of the waistband that is not Velcroed (is that word?) together tends to sag. Someone told me this was called wing droop :) So while they fit his body perfectly as far as size, they have a design flaw when it comes to the wing droop.

Absorbency: I use mine with the two inserts that come with it. I would say the absorbency is decent. Not great, but not terrible. The biggest problem I have is that the Velcro at the waist is sewn through the PUL and the inner fabric, so there is no waterproof barrier at the top inch of the diaper. I have a boy so the top/front of the diaper is the part where we need it the most. If I change diapers every three hours I don't have any leaking. If I go longer then that, or overnight, he will often have a wet ring around his waist (requiring all fresh clothing.) So if you change often, you should be OK. Not a great diaper for nighttime though.

Durability: I've had mine for about 6 months and have only had one problem with one diaper, as far as fabric. On the PUL layer, the laminate coating separated from the fabric. It is still usable though. The diapers seem to hold up well to washing and drying. Now, the HUGE problem I had with these was that the Velcro that came on these does not hold. Not even close. I would close the diaper and the second I picked him up it would come undone. I emailed the seller on eBay and she promptly offered to replace the Velcro or send new Velcro for me to replace myself. Apparently they use the "softer" Velcro so it's more comfortable for baby, although from my experience the baby's skin never comes in contact with the Velcro. I had her send the new Velcro and fixed it myself. It is much better now. Still not as strong as Applix would be, but pretty good for Velcro.

Overall Pros:
Great price!!!!
Good fit

Overall Cons:
Bad Velcro
Wing droop

So...would I recommend these? Maybe. I know that doesn't really help anyone. I would recommend these to someone who does not have a heavy wetter, but would suggest buying the snaps version, and looking for a better diaper for overnight. If you don't mind the occasional leaky diaper (and I'm talking wet here, I have NEVER had a leaky "dirty" diaper) and are looking for a diaper that is inexpensive, I say give them a shot. If you have no tolerance for leaks, look elsewhere. Me, I would rather wash an extra outfit here or then then pay $20 for one diaper!

And of course, you can't have a complete review without a photo of my little guy in his Sweet Doll Baby diaper! It doesn't really show the diaper, but who's gonna look at the diaper with a face like this???

and here's another picture. It doesn't show the diaper, but again, who cares?

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