August 24, 2009

Preparing for "the big day!"

Is it really possible that my baby is starting kindergarten in a few days?? How can this be?? She is so excited to start though, so that eases some of my worries, but of course I'm her mother, it wouldn't be normal if I wasn't slightly sad! The sadness doesn't stem from her growing up though, it's more about me being a paranoid wreck! I think I have issues with handling anxiety anyway, but really I'm most nervous about her being out in the big, bad world without mommy or daddy! It's a crazy world, you can never be too cautious! She is going to have a blast though, she is a child that functions better when she's surrounded by other children. She plays well on her own but plays better with others.

So she starts Thursday, but we go tomorrow night to meet her teacher and drop off her supplies. I was pleasantly surprised at the school supplies list this year, I was certain that we'd be dropping tons of money on a bunch of useless crap, but we got all of her supplies for less then $20, and that was buying extra stuff from the "optional" list. And her book fee was only $10. Oh how I wish the book fee was $10 every year! Can you imagine?? Here is the adorable outfit that she wants to wear on her first day of school.....

And as you can tell by the picture, we actually bought this outfit for her (Jason thought she looked like she was straight out of a Harry Potter movie.) BUT after we got home and realized just how much this outfit cost, we took it back. It was like $70! But wouldn't you just know that 2 days after I took it back I got a coupon for 40% off anything at the store (Justice.) So I guess we may end up getting it for her again. Or unless there's some rich person out there that wants to buy it for this adorable, sweet, little girl.... (she's a size 6 in case you're wondering ) ;)

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