September 3, 2009


Thanks to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary! It was a nice, quiet evening, which is about the best we can expect for an anniversary at this point!! The kids weren't screaming, so we were happy!

So I have officially started Christmas shopping...woohoo! And by that, I mean I bought one small thing for M, but it's a start! She's all about musical instruments this year and her two of her top items are a drum set and a harmonica. I guess there won't be any more silence in this house. I did win a brand new harmonica from eBay for $2. The exact same one is at Toys R Us for $14.99. Now I'm in search of anything Hanna Montana. At least she got on the Hanna Montana bandwagon after it died down a little, so everything isn't outrageously priced. Anyway, I added a poll to the blog, I'm curious who else has started shopping!

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