October 21, 2009

Something I want to share

I really want to share this blog post with everyone that will read it.  I stumbled upon a blog from a link provided by a friend on Facebook.  The post has really stuck with me, probably because of what we have been through with losing a newborn.  The woman writing the post lost a son, after he was just 2 minutes old.  In her state (Tennessee) he was not alive long enough to be considered a live birth, and stillborn babies are not able to get birth certificates.  It may seem silly to some people, but that one piece of paper is very important to parents.  It's a small piece of paper but it is an acknowledgement to the world that our child really did exist.  She has a petition going to change the law in her state.  I know Tennesse is not the only state that has this law, it should be changed everywhere.  Please check out the blog and sign the petition if you feel the same way.

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