November 11, 2009

Getting closer!

I'm slowly getting closer to opening my Etsy store!   I have a couple of projects that I am finishing up for Christmas but in between I'm starting to build up my stash.  I've gotten great ideas from searching the web and talking to other moms, so my store will have more then just baby blankets.  I'm going to stock crib sheets, soft teething toys, taggie blankets, crib blankets, quilts, and greeting cards.  The greeting cards sound out of place but I thought they'd be nice for someone who is ordering a gift, the card would match the gift as far as colors and/or patterns.  If the store takes off I will add in more products that are not baby related.  I'd like to have a decent stash before I open so I am thinking shortly after the new year.  So everyone reading this needs to start getting pregnant so you can buy my stuff. :)

I have the name picked out on Etsy and I have business cards ordered, to throw in with the packages that are sent. I found some amazing deals at VistaPrint.  They offer tons of their products for free (before shipping) so if you are starting up a business I'd highly recommend starting there. Now I just need to work on a logo for my store header...

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