November 13, 2009

I heart Soap & Glory!

I don't know if I've professed my love about Soap & Glory previously, if so I apologize for repeating myself.  This stuff is wonderful...fantastic....whatever you want to say.  I love it  Target is the only place I know of that sells this stuff (other then places online) and it's not cheap.  But it's not expensive really, it's kind of in between your basic store bought products and designer products.  They sell all kinds of bath/body products like lotions, lip gloss, body cream, etc.  And they smell fantastic.  I don't know how to describe the smell other then fantastic.  Anyway, I'm posting about this today because I made a trip to Target to pick up baby formula and noticed that Target has completely revamped their Soap & Glory section.  Yay, new products!  What's better then new products??? The old products at clearance prices!!  If my calculations were correct, the discontinued items were 75% off!  I scored $55 worth of this stuff for $15.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this stuff will show up in my Christmas stocking ;)

One of the things I got was the Sexy MotherPucker lip plumper.  Yes, you read that right, Sexy MotherPucker.  That's another thing I love about them, their clever names (The Righteous Butter, Clean on Me, Hair Supply, Calm One Calm All)  This stuff is supposed to plump up your lips up to 10X.  I really don't want my lips 10X as big but thought I'd give it a try.  Right away I could feel it tingling and panic set in, I will admit.  My top lip only got slightly bigger, which was about perfect for me.  I have to desire to have Angelina Jolie lips.  If you have that desire, you should probably look elsewhere.  But for me it was perfect.  And to top it off, it's chocolate flavored/scented!

I know of at least two people on my Christmas list that will be getting some of this stuff.  So if you're female and on my list, be excited, it might be you!! :)

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