February 8, 2010

Hey, guess what? It's snowing!

Hard to believe, I know.  I think this marks the 1 billionth snowstorm this season here in Iowa.  I'm anxiously sitting here watching the news to see if schools are letting out early.  I think all of the schools in this area have closed already, other then public schools.  Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they already have a gazillion days to make up.  And yes, I'm using legitimate statistics here, 1 billionth snowstorm and a gazillion snow days.  I actually don't mind the shoveling, I try to keep up with it by shoveling several times during a storm.  I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy, shoveling snow as it's still falling....but I'd rather shovel 1/2 of an inch a few times a day, compared to shoveling 6 inches one time.  Probably because I'm old now.

On a happier note, K started walking this weekend!  I set him down in his "cage" :) and he just took off!  By "took off" I mean that he took three steps and toppled over, but it was a good start!  He can go about 6 steps without falling, and he is really good at getting himself back up to walk again.  So now our house looks crazy....coffee tables pushed up against the TV stand (so he can't play with the Wii, Xbox, etc) chairs pushed in front of doorways, baby gates at both stairs....  But it doesn't matter, he still figures out how to find the stuff that he can't have.  And even better, he can climb on any peice of furniture waist-high.  Somehow, I don't remember this stage with M, but we also lived in a single-level apartment then.  I'm really looking forward to spring now, because he will be able to run around in the yard.  I'm so thankful to have a big yard that is fully fenced, and fully shaded!

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  1. LOL we have baby proofed too by pushing the couch in front of fire place, boxes stashed conviently in front of doors we dont want her to open!! Its hysterical! YAY!!!! for walking!!