March 14, 2010

The good, the bad, and the hideous

The good: Weigh in day today! This is my fifth week on weight watchers and today I reached my first mini-goal of losing 5% of my total body weight! Total weight loss so far.....13.5 pounds!  This also puts me about 2 weeks ahead of the long term plan that I have.  Which is a good thing because there are always weeks/months where I won't lose what I planned and this will help to make up for it.

The bad: I still have a ton to lose, and the bloodwork results and my Dr. appointment Friday confirm the reason why I NEED to lose the weight. It no longer falls under the "I want to look better" category. It's now in the "I want to live longer" category. My Dr. is sending my results to the lab to confirm the numbers (that's how bad they were) but if they come back the same, I will be put on medication. The worse part is that I was there to see him for something completely different!

The hideous: I'm pretty sure that I got the worst haircut in the history of time yesterday. She got a little carried away with her scissors. I can't even go somewhere to have it fixed because it's too short now. She cut off 7 inches. This is what I look like now (minus the bangs and minus a couple inches in the back)

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  1. Aw, I'm sorry to hear about the meds and the haircut, but that weight loss is amazing! Huge congrats, you should be proud of yourself!