April 22, 2010


...they really do say the funniest things.  Since I have nothing Earth-shattering to write about, I wanted to share a few of the things that my daughter (6) has said in the past few days.  She cracks me up.

"Mommy, why do they call it a "dead end??"  It sounds like there is a cemetery at the end of the road."

Jason threw his gum out of the car window today and this is the conversation that took place:
M: DADDY!!! Today is EARTH DAY!
Jason:  It's gum, it's bio-degradable.
M: Well, it's really annoying when you step on it.
Jason: It's in the grass
M: Daddy, kids play in the grass too
(I'm guessing we're no longer able to argue logic with her anymore.)

She has a concert coming up where they are going to be singing songs about bicycles.  I sang the Bicycle Song by Queen and asked her if they were singing that song.  She told me yes.  Then she said "Dylan said it's some kind of a Princess song."  I asked her "what?" and she said it again.
It took me a few minutes, but then I finally realized that, to Dylan, Princess=Queen.


  1. um, this morning my son asked me where my weiner was. i told him girls don't have weiners...so the next logical question was...what do girls have? I tried to avoid saying it...but i said the V word...he then says..WHAT'S A GINA???