May 24, 2010

I didn't forget, I swear...

...about this blog that is.  I realized that I haven't posted in awhile and thought I'd post an update on us. You may have noticed that I now refer to the kids as M & K.  I read some interesting articles on other blogs recently and decided that I want to keep their names half-way private.  I'm sure someone with enough time and interest could easily find them other places, but I'm going to make them work for it.

M has just a few weeks of kindergarten left.  She is excited to have a summer break but at the same time I think she is a little confused on how it all works.  She thinks it's like a couple days off and then back to kindergarten.  She doesn't quite get the concept of 1st grade just yet.  So far the only plans we have for the summer are swimming lessons but she wants to play soccer in the fall and maybe some dance or cheerleading classes. 

K is 16 months now and pretty much the complete definition of a boy.  Getting into everything, climbing on whatever he can, torturing the cat....  He went right from learning to walk to running and moon-walking all around the house.  He is slightly behind verbally, he doesn't say much, but he knows just enough to get himself in trouble. 

We  finished up our garage sale a couple weeks ago, what a relief to have it done!  But yet we are already talking about the next one, possibly this fall.  It feels so good to get rid of junk (and even better to make money at the same time.)

We also started ourselves on Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, thanks to input from lots of friends and another good friend that sent us copies of the books.  It really is a great program and I highly recommend it to everyone.  Even if you don't have a lot of debt, I'd be willing to bet that most people don't have enough money set aside for retirement.  Since being on the plan, we've paid off two debts.  Before the plan we anticipated having our credit cards completely paid off in about 18 months.....but with the plan, and our dedication to getting it done sooner, we now think they will be paid off in 9 months!  We'll still have massive student loans and a hefty mortgage, but that will be it for our debt. We don't have car loans, no personal loans, 2nd mortgages, etc.  With me not working, I've been really worrying lately about not having a retirement plan for myself.  Our goal is to get the debts paid off and just throw tons of money into retirement funds so we can live nicely when that time comes.

So right now that is pretty much all that is going on with us...other then my slight addiction to Animal Crossing for the Wii.  :)  I will be better at updating, I promise!

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