December 12, 2010

More projects completed

I finished up M's quilt. It was absolutely adorable...until I washed it and parts (not all of it of course) shrunk.  I think that she'll still like it though.  Here is a part of it, she picked out the pink and black skulls on her own.  I also make her a white polka-dot minky pillow.

I also whipped up a little pillow for K to go with his alphabet letters.

And my final project today was a set of Dora crayons for our niece.  I mixed
the colors a bit so Dora's face looks a little scary in the pictures but they really are cute.  And they are huge, so I'm sure she will think they are fun :)

The only projects I have left are food projects!  I am going to bottle up my homemade vanilla this weekend, it smells delicious!!!

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